Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for preparing the KM Report

Section 1: Company Background

Section 2: Description of KM Programs / Activities

Section 2.1 Creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
Section 2.2 Developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership
Section 2.3 Delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions
Section 2.4 Maximizing the intellectual capital of the organisation *
Section 2.5 Creating and sustaining an environment of knowledge sharing
Section 2.6 Creating and sustaining an enterprise culture of continuous learning
Section 2.7 Delivering value based on customer knowledge
Section 2.8 Managing knowledge to generate shareholder (or societal) value

* For more information about Intellectual Capital , please download the document.

Section 3: Your Forward Business Plan

The Submission Report should be formatted as follows:

  • A4-size, with single-lined spacing and minimum font size of 12 points
  • Maximum of 10 pages / Appendices (showing graphics or tables, etc.) can be added on top of the written report but is limited to a maximum of 5 pages.
  • Start a new page for each section
  • Insert page numbers in the report
  • File size is limited to 10 MB

Detailed Guidelines for preparing the Submission Report