Assessment Criteria

Evaluation Process

A panel of well-known senior business executives and leading knowledge management experts will be formed to select the winners of the Hong Kong MAKE Award 2017.

In general, an applicant will go through two rounds of evaluation:

1st round: Submit a written report (Past HK MAKE Winners may update and re-submit their previous report)

2nd round: Attend the Case/Project Presentation Assessment

Past HK MAKE Winners will be exempted from the 1st round assessment and enter the 2nd round directly

In the 2nd round assessment, shortlisted organizations can nominate a representative to assess other applicants

Judging Criteria

  1. Creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
  2. Developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership
  3. Delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions
  4. Maximizing the intellectual capital of the organisation
  5. Creating and sustaining an environment of knowledge sharing
  6. Creating and sustaining an enterprise culture of continuous learning
  7. Delivering value based on customer knowledge
  8. Managing knowledge to generate shareholder (or societal) value
For more background information about MAKE Framework and Methodology, please download this document.